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Succession Certificate


Succession Certificate is a certificate granted by the Courts in India to the legal heirs of a person dying intestate leaving debts and securities. The succession certificate entitles the holder to make payment of debt or transfer securities to the holder of certificate without having to ascertain the legal heir entitled to it. Apply for a Legal heir / Succession certificate with the help of a local experienced advocate. This is important for you if you want to establish yourself as the legal heir of a deceased person. It can be obtained from the very next legal heir so that they can enjoy the movable and immovable assets of the deceased . 

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What is a Succession Certificate?
Succession Certificate  is a testament allowed by the Courts in India to the legitimate beneficiaries of an individual kicking the bucket intestate leaving obligations and protections.

 Why is it important to obtain a Succession Certificate?
The succession certificatequalifies the holder for make installment of obligation or move protections to the holder of authentication without determining the legitimate beneficiary qualified for it. It gives reimbursement to all people owing such obligations or at risk for such protections concerning all installments made to or dealings had in sincerely with an individual to whom an authentication as allowed. Consequently, numerous associations and individual solicitation for a progression declaration prior to settling the obligations or protections of the expired for the individual asserting such obligations or protections.


 What is the time period involved in completing the entire process?
It takes roughly 5-6 months in obtaining the Succession Certificate.

What is the validity of a Succession Certificate?
A succession certificate has a  validity throughout India. If a certificate is granted in a foreign country by an Indian representation accredited to that State, it should be stamped in accordance with the Court Fees Act 1870 to have the same effect in India as a certificate granted in India.





What's Included?

a) Introduction call. A 15-minute phone call to know your advocate and talk about how you will work together.

b) Checklist of list of documents required, will be shared.

c) Verification of your documents.

d) Applying for Legal Heir / Succession certificate and handling the required paperwork.

What's Not Included?

a) Court Fees and Stamp Duty as applicable, shall be payable extra.

b) Any additional work by the advocate after obtaining the legal heir certificate.

 What is the procedure for obtaining the succession certificate?
To obtain succession certificate, a petition has to be filed before the District Judge within whose jurisdiction the deceased person ordinarily resided at the time of his or her death or, if at that time he or she had no fixed place of residence, the District Judge within whose jurisdiction any part of the property of the deceased may be found.

The hour of the demise of the expired. 

The standard home of the expired at such season of death; and if such normal home isn't accessible, the subtleties of the property that is in the purview of the local judge to whom such an application is made. 

The family or other close to family members of the individual perished and their particular homes. 

The privileges of the solicitor (candidate). 

The shortfall of any motivation to discredit the award of the endorsement. 

The obligations and protections in regard of which the application for such a declaration is made.

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