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                                                    LEGAL NOTICE FOR DIVORCE

Under the instructions and on behalf of my client, namely MRS. __________________(herein after referred to as “My Client”), I do hereby serve upon you the following legal notice through speed post as well as through electronic medium (whatsapp) due to uncertain nationwide conditions prevalent due to pandemic caused by COVID-19.

1. That my client Smt. Madhu is a peace loving and law abiding citizen of India having full faith in law.

2. That the marriage between you the noticee and my client was solemnized on 19.05.2015 at Muzzafarpur, Bihar according to Hindu rites and rituals in the presence of friends, relatives and family members of both the parties. That the marriage between you the noticee and my client was a love cum arrange marriage.

3.  That out of the said wedlock a son named Chaitanya Shandilya was born on 09.12.2016 who at present in the care and custody of my client.

4. That my Client has been subjected to mental cruelty by your unreasonable irresponsible, rude and arrogant behaviour denying her love, care and emotional intimacy by committing mental cruelty.

5. That you have further subjected my client to mental cruelty by showing your humiliating and suspicious nature and have always caused anxiety and distress to my client. It is pertinent to mention here that you the noticee did not even fulfilled the financial responsibilities of my client and your son.

6. That my client has been suffering from great mental pain and agony on account of the fact that despite her lawful marriage with you the noticee, she is being deprived of the love and care of you the noticee and her minor son for no fault of her.

7. That my client to save herself from the beatings and torture inflicted upon her by you the noticee due to your cynical and sceptical nature has filed two complaints in CAW Cell, Karnal against you the noticee.

8. That my client has given you ample chances to make the marriage work but you didn’t pay any heed to it and you the noticee had always neglected my client and never paid her any kind of maintenance till date.

9. That you have broken the trust and faith of my client, and did not even cared about my client and her son and have inflicted several atrocities on my client and even on her son and have also deprived her of the maintenance for her and her son’s livelihood.

10. That from the first day of marriage till date, my client have received no support from you the noticee due to which my client is suffering from various health issues and due to your physical harassment my client has been through mental trauma.

11. That after facing mental, emotional, and social cruelties by you the noticee and due to temperamental difference between you and my client  , therefore my client wants a separation from you by filing a Divorce.

12. That my client urges you to pay the one time permanent alimony as full and final to my client, so that my client would not be deprived of her basic livelihood and lifestyle and is also able to maintain her son by providing him with all the necessary requirements needed for his upbringing which was your obligation otherwise appropriate legal action will be taken against you.

Therefore, on the behalf of my client I serve you the legal notice to intimate you to settle the marital dispute by dissolving the marriage immediately within a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of this legal notice, failing which my client shall be constrained to file appropriate legal proceedings against you in the court of law and in the event you shall be responsible for all costs, risks and responsibilities which you please note well.

                A copy of the legal notice is kept for further proceedings.